Sandi Ward
Told with empathy and hope, this would be a perfect gift for cat lovers or anyone who enjoys a fresh take on the family drama.
— Booklist
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praise for something worth saving

Powerful and smartly written, Ward explores the intricate workings of family life with a compassionate touch and unflinching honesty.
— Lisa Duffy, author of THIS IS HOME
SOMETHING WORTH SAVING covertly, cleverly, perceptively, and earnestly tells the story of a family unit facing drama on all fronts. Intriguing and thought provoking!
— Jenni Walsh, author of SIDE BY SIDE
Lily, the family cat, is an endearing, observant narrator whose perspective cuts to the core, showing the truth through rich, delicately wrought details, which are often fresh and textural. At times heartwarming, at times bittersweet, SOMETHING WORTH SAVING is a delight to savor reading.
— Meghan Masterson, author of THE WARDROBE MISTRESS