June Early Look at Something Worth Saving

ARCs are here!

What are ARCs? Good question! ARC stands for Advance Reader Copies. These are copies of the book that are "uncorrected" (they may still contain a few typos or errors that will be fixed in the final version). These versions go out to book reviewers or book bloggers who might be interested in reviewing the story.

You'll see in the photo that ARCs have a special icon on the cover, the circle in the bottom right, letting readers know this isn't the final version. These books cannot be sold—they are just for giving away and finding early readers.

I will be giving away a few ARCs myself sometime this summer! You can sign up for my newsletter to be notified of giveaways. You can also add the book to your "Want To Read" shelf on Goodreads to get notifications of giveaways hosted by Kensington Books.

Good luck!