March Early Look at Something Worth Saving

First, a bit of news: the publication date for Something Worth Saving has been moved to January 2019! I'll post here when the novel is available for pre-order.

In January and February, I introduced the cat narrator of Something Worth Saving (Lily) and the dog of the family, a German Shepherd (Gretel). You can check out those posts here: January and here: February.  

I thought that for March, I could talk a little about the setting. As with The Astonishing Thing, this novel takes place on Cape Ann. Cape Ann is a rocky piece of land on the ocean, in northern Massachusetts. It's made up of four towns: Essex, Manchester-by-the-sea, Gloucester, and Rockport.

I imagined that the Anderson family home, described as a cottage on the way to the beach, might be similar to those on the road to Wingaersheek Beach in West Gloucester. But there are areas of Ipswich and Essex that would also be a good fit for the area I've imagined. The Andersons live across the street from a sailing club, and one flashback chapter takes place on the dock—in a snowstorm—so, not the safest place to be.

The marsh in Ipswich, MA.

The marsh in Ipswich, MA.

Here is an excerpt from the novel, where Lily talks a little about their home:

The fact is, our house is small and cramped on the inside—but oh! We have a wonderful outside! The river attracts magnificent white swans, green-headed mallards and long-tailed wood ducks. Behind our house is a small garden, and beyond that there are woods full of deer, voles, daddy longlegs, dragonflies, big black ants and bats at dusk. The forest floor is covered in dry, spiky pine needles, and beneath that is the cool sand. I go exploring all the time. 

One thing Lily does not like, however, is the river itself. She once fell in the water, and found it terrifying! So while she loves the great outdoors, she keeps a bit of distance from the river.

Something Worth Saving will be available January 2019.