Authors With Cats: Meet Lola


Today's post is from author Claire Marti. I always love to read about rescue cats! My own cat Winnie was adopted from our local SPCA, after someone found a litter of kittens outside, near a radio station.  

Lola by Claire Marti

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…

I proudly admit I’m the Crazy Old Cat Lady in Training. I’ve had cats my whole life and been rescuing them as long as I can remember. Each one holds a special place in my heart, but today’s tribute is for Lola.

She seduced me the moment we met. She was six months old and the last kitten left from a litter born outside in the woods. Her foster mom told my husband and me that Lola hid from every potential adopter until she met us. We like to believe she was waiting for us.

Lola having a rest by the window.

Lola having a rest by the window.

A beautiful tortoiseshell tabby, or torbie, Lola exudes spunk, sassiness, and a sliver of shyness. Her repertoire of meows is vast so you know where you stand with her. She trills when she is pleased, purrs when she is happy, and squawks when it is time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Reading the latest manuscript...

Reading the latest manuscript...

Lola sits on my writing chair and supervises my work. Occasionally, she will review my manuscript and offer feedback. She’s spoiled rotten, so the song does apply…Lola gets whatever she wants. 


Claire Marti is the author of the Finding Forever in Laguna series. These smart, sexy romances feature strong heroines and dreamy heroes. Visit her website at:




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