February Early Look at Something Worth Saving

February early look

Something Worth Saving

Meet Gretel!


Every month leading up to publication of my next novel, Something Worth Saving, I’m giving readers a little early look at the story. Last month, I introduced the main character: my cat narrator, Lily.

Something worth saving.png

This month, I’d like to tell you about another very important character, Gretel. She’s a German Shepherd.

You may recall from The Astonishing Thing that Boo lived with a little yappy dog named Jasper (named after my own maltese). But Jasper didn’t play a big role in that story. Boo basically ignored him. She didn’t care too much for dogs!


In Something Worth Saving, I wanted to incorporate a big, active dog who would be capable of heroic acts. Gretel is a retired police dog who was injured on the job, and comes to live with the Anderson family.

In all of my books, cats and dogs cannot “talk” to each other. But in this story, Lily and Gretel share the same goal: to keep their family safe and happy. Lily likes to joke that she isn't sure how smart Gretel is, but she knows Gretel is fast, strong, protective of her humans and extremely loyal.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I will say that Gretel ends up playing a big role in Something Worth Saving, and Lily is very grateful for her actions.