Authors With Cats: Meet Odin, Athena and Holly


On the blog today, author Adriana Arrington shares a little about her three beautiful cats: Odin, Athena and Holly. Can you imagine, not one but three gorgeous cats? I don't think my cat Winnie would be so generous as to share the house with another cat... she has enough to deal with (namely, our dog). Our maltese Jasper doesn't always understand why Winnie doesn't want to join his pack and run around the house with him.

Odin, Athena and Holly by Adriana Arrington

Some of my friends call me a cat lady. I suppose that’s what getting three cats in three years will do to a woman’s reputation. I never intended to co-habitat with three of the furry critters, but it was a bit of a “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” situation, except you replace “mouse” with “author” and “cookie” with “cat.”

Odin doesn't quite fit in this box.

Odin doesn't quite fit in this box.

It all started with Odin. We got him as an adorable twelve-week-old kitten. He had what might kindly be called a “strong play drive,” or if one is to speak plainly, a mean streak. He quickly decided that my children were his equals (or competitors?) and stalked them around the house. We decided he needed a feline playmate, which brought about Athena. As cantankerous and aggressive as Odin can be, Athena is nothing but sweetness. She mellowed out Odin considerably (as far as his interactions with us humans go, at any rate). However, Athena is way more into Odin than he is into her. (Sometimes I’m a bit embarrassed for her. I wish I could explain to her that Odin will never feel for her what she feels for him, but alas, she refuses to listen.) Much to our chagrin, Athena began meowing in the middle of the night for Odin to come play. Being the selfish bastard he is, he never responded. After many weeks of interrupted sleep, we decided that Athena also needed a friend. So in came Holly. We’ve had Holly for about a month now, and she has indeed satiated Athena’s need for a midnight buddy.

Athena and Holly.

Athena and Holly.

My husband has proclaimed that the parade of getting cats has ended, and I agree that’s only reasonable. However, I think we’ll have to wait about six more months to see what Holly has to say about that idea. Something tells me she might have a way of convincing us otherwise.


Adriana Arrington writes psychological suspense with a paranormal element. Her debut novel, Bleed Through, features a high-spirited cat with special powers. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, three boys, and three cats. You can find more information about her on


You can find Bleed Through on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at other fine booksellers! 


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