Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The writing is clever (hilarious at times) and the story offers a sensational peek into life in Hollywood. Murder mystery isn’t a genre I know a lot about, but when I read that Kellye is a “recovering TV writer” who wrote for the CBS drama Cold Case, I was intrigued. (Sometimes I fantasize about that as a possible next writing venture for me—creating a TV series. But then I remember that I’m already pretty busy with my full-time job as an advertising copywriter, and writing novels on the side. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!)

Sure enough, this book was fantastically entertaining. It offers not just the excitement of solving a murder, but also a fun ride through the streets of the rich and famous in L.A.—and a look into the lives of the show biz wannabes who outnumber them. The whole time I was reading, I was casting the characters in my head with movie and TV stars. Our lead, Dayna, is friendly and very funny when everything doesn’t quite go as planned. The secondary characters are quirky and amusing. I didn’t know who the murderer was until the end, enjoying the final twists that led to the reveal.

You can learn more about Kellye Garrett on her web site: www.kellyegarrett.com. The second book in her Detective by Day series, Hollywood Ending, is also now available.