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Thanks to our next author, Meghan Masterson, who shared a little about her cat here. As you'll read, her cat has had more than one name. That happens sometimes! When we adopted our cat Winnie, the SPCA had another name for her: Betty. But when we took her home, my daughter and I really felt she was more of a Winnie. I'm sure Winnie doesn't remember her first name. She knows that when she hears "Hey, Win!" that means it's time for dinner or bed. 

Kitten by Meghan Masterson

My cat was born under a shed at my parent’s house. Her mother was a stray who must have decided it looked like a good place to start her family – and it was, since they adopted her and found homes for all the kittens. There were six kittens altogether, all orange and nearly impossible to tell apart. My sister and I gave them all names that started with ‘F’, and Fifi was my favourite, and the most recognizable because of her charming habit of squinting one eye.

Cute and sweet! Meet Fifi!

We bonded right away, and now she’s been living with me for eight years, sleeping at the foot of my bed and supervising my writing from a blanket on top of a dresser near my desk. As she grew out of her squint, she also left behind the silly name of Fifi, and mostly responds to her affectionate, if not creative, nickname of ‘Kitten’.

Now, her name is Kitten.

Now, her name is Kitten.

Kitten is not fond of visitors, and my husband and I are the only people she allows to touch her, but she often tries to sit in my lap to keep me company while I write. Luckily, she rarely walks across the keyboard!

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Meghan Masterson is the author of The Wardrobe Mistress, a novel about one of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe women who spies on the queen during the French Revolution. Visit her website at:  


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