Introducing Kate

Hello readers! I’ve been posting about some of the characters in my new novel, Something Worth Saving, and today I thought I’d write a little about Kate Anderson, who my cat narrator Lily calls Mom. Kate is a mother of three teenagers, and she’s recently kicked her husband Jeremy out of the house. Lily hopes Kate will tell Jeremy he can move back home, but Lily also knows that Kate has been very upset with Jeremy…who won’t stop drinking no matter how many times Kate asks him not to.

In this graphic, I include the beach because the Anderson family lives down the road from the shore (in Massachusetts), and I imagine Kate enjoys relaxing under a beach umbrella when the weather is warm enough. She’s exhausted and worried about her marriage, so she escapes into books. For better or worse, she’s also been distracted by a new man, Mark. He likes to bake, and wins Kate over by bringing her what he’s made at work, represented by the blueberry muffins. Finally, Kate has red hair, which Lily notices gleams when the sunshine hits it.

Something Worth Saving is out now, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold!