Introducing Victoria

I’ve been occasionally posting collages to introduce readers to the characters in my new novel, Something Worth Saving (on sale date December 18, 2018). In this graphic, you’ll learn a little about Victoria Anderson, the middle child of the Anderson family.

Victoria is 16 years old, and a tough cookie. She’s strong willed; Victoria doesn’t let her older brother Kevin boss her around, and she’s protective of her younger brother Charlie. Victoria has a new boyfriend named Aidan, and Lily (my cat narrator) doesn’t like him very much. She’s worried that Aidan might be bullying Charlie.

So…on to the graphic!

Coffee: Victoria likes to think of herself as a little more mature than other kids her age, which might include drinking coffee both for the caffeine, and also to help her look more sophisticated.

Victoria favors heavy eye make-up and black nail polish. Lily respects Victoria’s personal style, although she suspects it in part may be a desire for attention, especially since Victoria’s dad got kicked out of the house.

The beach: The Andersons live in northern New England, right down the road from a beach where Victoria spends many summer days—except for those weeks in late July when the greenhead flies are out, and they’re all reluctantly trapped indoors.

If you read the book, I hope you enjoy this character. Victoria is a boss! I enjoyed writing her scenes.