Introducing Charlie

I’ve already written a blog post about the cat narrator of Something Worth Saving, Lily. Now, I’d like to introduce you to Lily’s favorite person, 14-year old Charlie. Attached is the “character board” I made for Instagram. Let me tell you about it!

Favorite food. Charlie loves snack food, naturally. Popcorn is salty, buttery, simple to make in the microwave, and perfect to share with friends—what’s not to like if you’re a hungry 14-year old?

Time for a change. In the first scene of Something Worth Saving, Lily (my cat narrator) is shocked to see that Charlie looks different—he’s skipped school, gone to his friend Karen’s house, and let her bleach his hair. I imagine he saw someone like Dalton Rapattoni on TV, and thought: yeah, I’d like to try that!


The river. The Anderson family lives in a northern New England town, on Cape Ann, and right on a river. There’s a sailing club across the street from their house, and Charlie sometimes watches the boys as they get ready to go out. Charlie doesn’t sail, but he thinks it looks like fun.

Cooking. Charlie is curious about cooking, in part thanks to his mom’s new friend Mark, who works at a local restaurant. Okay, yes, he still loves his popcorn and other junk food. But when Charlie watches Mark make healthy, homemade breakfast and desserts, he starts to think that maybe cooking is something he’d enjoy.