Something Worth Saving: Introducing Lily

I can’t wait to share the story with the world!

I can’t wait to share the story with the world!

It’s hard to believe that Something Worth Saving is just one month from launch! I’ve been working on promotion and getting the word out about the book. I’ve also been writing and editing every day, as my 3rd novel for Kensington (What Holds Us Together) is due to my editor in mid-December. Combine that with the usual holiday madness, and it’s going to be a busy end to the year!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a little about some of the characters in Something Worth Saving through “character boards” on Instagram, and I’ll add them here to my blog in case you’re curious to learn more!

My cat narrator in this story is Lily. Lily’s full name is Lily J. Potter (named after Harry Potter’s mother…yes, I’m a JK Rowling fan, can you tell?) I created this collage below to represent some of Lily’s favorite things in life.

  1. Lily loves snoozing on a warm blanket. It doesn’t have to be super soft. Wool is fine. She especially enjoys lounging on the blue blanket on Charlie’s bed. Charlie is the youngest of the Anderson kids, age 14, and he’s Lily’s favorite person.

  2. Birding! Yes, Lily will stalk birds and even kill one on occasion to leave at the Anderson family doorstep as a token of her devotion.

  3. Exploring the woods is also a favorite activity. The Andersons live in a woodsy and marshy area of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. It’s meant to be a town like Ipswich or Gloucester—somewhere near a river (or inlet) and down the road from the beach.

Something Worth Saving goes on sale December 18th! I’ll post about Charlie next week. Thanks for reading!