The Wild Woman's Guide to Traveling the World by Kristin Rockaway


This novel offers a fun ride through New York and Hong Kong with romance, adventure and soul-searching. Our protagonist Sophie has achieved her childhood dream of traveling the world—or has she? While her stressful job in NYC allows her to travel, it’s dictated her employer and she spends far too much time and energy on work. She’d love to travel on her own terms, but how to achieve that?

Enter Carson, who is more than a typical fling. Like Sophie, he’s passionate about travel, but he’s also a free spirit and an artist with no big plans. Sophie falls briefly under his spell before real life beckons and she’s forced back to her job and her well-ordered but boring life.

I enjoyed the fact that Sophie is independent, and she decides to make big life changes on her own. Her new man inspires her, but she doesn’t go chasing after him. She’s the Manager and CEO of her own dreams and desires, and is a solid role model for any woman wondering: where did my passion for life go? When and where did I lose my way? (And what the heck can I do about it?) It’s never too late!

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