Feast of Sorrow by Crystal King

Why did I choose this book?

While I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, I love to watch it on TV or in a film. I wondered if Feast of Sorrow would remind me of HBO’s show Rome (which I thought was an amazing show). 

How was the pacing?

This story lived up to my expectations. It's a spectacular portrayal of intrigue, shrewd political maneuvering, and human greed that had me hooked from page one. I flew through the pages from start to finish.  

What's the book about?

The level of detail provided about ancient Rome—the food, customs, and way of life— transported me to that place and time, and I felt fully immersed. More importantly, the characters drew me in, especially the main character Thrasius, who is servant, head chef and friend to Apicius, one of the wealthiest and most ambitious men in Rome. Thrasius is loyal, but sometimes disappointed in his master.

Apicius achieves glory through his parties, cooking school and recipes, and he realizes it is largely due to the efforts of Thrasius, his trusted advisor. Thrasius serves as a filter through which we see the folly of Apicius’ reckless actions, but we also understand why Thrasius stays devoted to a man who can sometimes be very generous.

There is plenty of family drama, both betrayal and acts of bravery. The plot accelerates as time passes, building to a shocking—but perhaps inevitable—finale. Apicius must pay for his blind ambition, which also affects Thrasius, who must witness what fate has in store.

What did I like best about the book?

I liked the depiction of how a wealthy family in ancient Rome with many slaves operated and grew in power.

Overall take-away?

This was a very enjoyable book, complete with high-stakes drama, romance, and murder. This book comes out April 2017. Find out more about it at: www.crystalking.com .