Book Club Time!

I had a great time at the CHS PSFA Book Club meeting this week. It's funny—I love books and I read all the time, but I've never joined a book club. 

People seem to have different experiences with book clubs. Some think their club spends too much time socializing and not enough time discussing the book; others are there primarily for the food, drinks and company. And sometimes it can be hard to get everyone to agree on what book to read, because everyone has different tastes.

I guess you have to find the book club that suits your own personality and has a mix of people you like hanging out with. And really, what's not to like? Any group that gets together with the goal of talking about books sounds good to me. 

The New York Times says there are 4 to 5 million book clubs in the US. So there's probably one out there for you, no matter what your preferences!


The group read The Astonishing Thing, and it was fun to be able to hear feedback in person and answer questions. They also told me they like to prepare food that relates to (or appears in) the book they're reading. Of course, in The Astonishing Thing, the Sullivans don't fare so well in the food department after Carrie leaves, and have to fend for themselves. So the book club host had prepared "Sullivan dysfunctional-family food": little sandwiches, popcorn and some leftover Halloween candy. That was such a great idea—I loved it!!



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